Posted by: endithinks | September 13, 2012

Kauai Day Four

Everyone was clamoring for us to go to the North Shore so we set this day up for that. First we hit up the lighthouse/bird sanctuary.

Albatross flew overhead, spiraling through the air as we looked out binoculars trying to spot some spinner dolphins (we didn’t see any although I shouted out over and over that I could see them).

We left the lighthouse and arrived at Hanalei Beach after traversing through jungle and a single lane bridge covered in construction dust and annoyed tourists.

Hanalei Bay was a totally different beach than Poipu. It being a bay was calm, barely any waves at all. We swam and watched a couple throw a bouncy ball back and forth, skipping on top of the water (the ball not the people).

We ate at a Mexican restaurant for the lolz, but it actually tasted good. Funny thing we didn’t eat any “Hawaiin” food while we were here besides the hotel breakfast fare (which was fanfuckintastic by the way).



  1. I didn’t know you were blogging from Kauai!!! 🙂 That takes me back. 🙂 But I think the food was Brazilian. 😉

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