Posted by: endithinks | September 12, 2012

Kauai Day Three

Val went and did Yoga by the Sea. I did “Headache in the bed.”

After resting up we ate breakfast and rushed down to our first class that we had. The first class was put on by a florist named Choy. He had just recently finished building his second shop on Kauai and he worked for the hotel as a sidejob to help pay the bills.

Choy had worked for the Sheraton for close to 15 years. He told us he was born on Kaui, but had moved to Oahu to pursue his floral scented dreams.

We had a bowl filled with Lipstick Hibiscus and long 7 inch needles wired to thread. Choy demonstrated how to thread the flowers with the needle once then told us to round up 60 flowers and go.

There were four of us in the Lei making class sitting on the beach beneath a palm tree on a threaded woven blanket. Our classmates were frequent visitors to Hawaii. One woman from “Kansas City, Mazurah” and the other from our old stomping grounds of Portland, Oregon.

“They’ve really changed this place,” Mazurah said.”Last year during renahvations did place was all a shambles under construction tape and hard hats.”

“We didn’t make it out lass year,” said Portland. “We were taken a little break from the islands, but we’re gonna come back every year.”

I took the longest putting together my Lei. I wanted it to be perfect and it was if I do say so myself.

After we were leighed we got a chance to learn some hula dancing. We learned two songs right in front of the pool with onlookers giggling into their hands and candidly snapping photos of us. I should have charged them cash money.


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