Posted by: endithinks | March 14, 2012

Funny thing organizing.

So tonight I’m sitting in an African American bookstore in the Central District. The reason it’s important that it’s an African American bookstore? We are here meeting about how Amazon Dot Com is screwing over small businesses.

I’ve been in the dirt of this fight for a bit now launching our first blog post this week, but researching the online retail giant for a fortnight.

Amazon has been low balling small publishers, treating their employees in the warehouses like chattel and generally being kind of a dick in regards to taxes.

This small business is filled with: coloring books featuring President Obama smiling while patting a child’s head, an Egyptian sarcophogus of Nefertiti and a line of beads and necklaces on busts of black celebrities.

The person who owns this store has doubled down on black paraphenalia because the books alone won’t keep the doors open. It’s called diversifying.

When did it become okay for giants to squish the folks trying to make an honest living? When did it become perfectly fine to turn our backs on local businesses and neighborhood entrepreneurs?


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