Posted by: endithinks | June 25, 2011

23rd and Jackson

It’s been a while since I’ve been to 23rd and Jackson.  It’s one of my favorite intersections in Seattle and this morning it is living up to my imagination.

I’m at the Starbucks and the place is packed with a rainbow of people.  There are older men with golf caps and khakis talking about the derivatives market.  There is a guy with a blue tooth trying to hustle another man clad in basketball shorts and flip flops into a get rich quick pyramid scheme.  Two men are reading newspapers and reminiscing about the good ol days and a large group of mostly women have pushed together tables to have a large scale confab mostly talking about grandkids and family.

This area is in the 98118 zip code one of the most diverse in the United States. with more languages spoken in this radius than in any other in the country.  It’s vibrant, loud, fast and touched with tradition that makes you feel welcomed even amongst strangers.  I’m calm.

Later today I’m working, well technically I’m early to work right now.  We’re doing another action against Chase Bank and as per usual I’m an hour early just to make sure I’m there on time.  BPT is a curse I can only purify when it is work related.  My personal life?  BPT rules the day.

Jazz is playing in the store but it is barely audible over the babble brook of human conversation.  One guy to my left is talking about hands only CPR to his friend and is demonstrating to the table that is obviously not breathing.  Uh oh, the guy who is trying to sell a pyramid scheme is working it.  The victim has a pen in his hand and is scratching away his money.  So sad.



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