Posted by: endithinks | February 23, 2011


The following is an excerpt from a post I authored this morning.  For the entire post please follow the links.

Endi Thinks

This past few months has been a historic period that has seen dictators that held thrall over their people for decades fall or be stammered in their efforts by nothing more than the political will of the people.  The amount of unrest and discontent has many causes, but the peaceful solutions are not only working, but admirable.  I stand with the people of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and encourage them to continue fighting for a more perfect union.

One of the most troubling bits of news in this euphoric period has been how the US media has started to report the unrest in terms of “how will this affect us?”  I understand the need to frame these events that have not been seen in the arab world in forty years in a way that the audience can grasp, but I think that they underestimate the American public.

The people of America say that we are a freedom loving, liberty seeking country.  Our entire history has been shaped by our claim to fame, democratically elected governments by the people, for the people and of the people.  We stand with those who would be masters of their own fate in principle at least and we have as a people not sided with dictators.

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