Posted by: endithinks | September 23, 2010

Unedited writing 9/23/2010

“Engines to full!  We need to break free of that gravity well before it pulls us in.”

“But ma’am we are already at full power.  The engines are straining to keep this thrust up.”

“I don’t want to hear excuses.  Push to 125%.”

“Aye Ma’am.”

“Engineer Gregory, get me a sustained thrust.  Power down non essential systems and get me out of this well now!”  The captain said to the chair microphone.

The bridge was shaking as the gravity from the nearby star was trying to pull the vessel towards it in a warm embrace.  The Griffon was trying desperately to break free after they had chased a S.O.S. signal to a nearby moon of this class five star.  The signal had been a fake and the Griffon had been caught in the gravity field of the star that was to this point uncharted.

“The engines can’t hold much more!  They are going into the red!”  the helmsmen said his voice  breaking as the bridge was rocked with another convulsion.

“Keep her steady helmsman.  She’ll hold together.  Gregory, give me more power to the aft thrusters.  We just need to get our foot out the door and we’ll be okay.”  She said gripping the chair.

“Aye Captain.”

The ship convulsed as the thrusters kicked into a new gear and the vessel began to creak and lurch as the ship started to break free.  The alarm bells were shrieking and the entire crew was bracing for impact.  There were prayers being sung and wishes being made as the Griffon struggled against an enemy of a calliber it had never met before.

“We have to have more power Ma’am or we won’t make it!”  The helmsman said pulling back the control bars towards his chest.

“Get everybody to the safety stations.  Cut off life support and all non essential power leaches in one minute.”

“Safety stations, safety stations.  All hands report to your assigned safety station immediately.  We will be cutting off support in one minute,” the helmsman said into the microphone.

The ship continued to complain as the view screen showed a large solar flare forming on the surface of the star.

“Aft shields to maximum.  We can use that solar flare.”  The captain said staring at the view screen.

“Aye Ma’am.  Aft shields to maximum.”

“When that flare comes on Greg, I want you to punch it.  135%.”

“Aye Captain.  I can only give ya five seconds of power at that output and I may not be able to give ya anything else.”  Engineer Gregory said over the intercom.

“That will be enough.  Get ready it looks like it’s going to hit us any second,” the captain said.

The solar flare whipped toward the Griffon as if wielded by a particularily talent gaoler and the impact lurched the ship forward away from the clutching star.  The engines punched up to their maximum output and the slash of the flare added a significant push that propelled the ship out of the danger zone of the gravity well.

“We seem to be out of the main pull of the star Ma’am,” the helmsman said.  He was grasping a prayer bead bracelet in his left hand.

“Greg, do we have any engines left?”  She said into the microphone.

“Nae Captain.  Engines are offline, but we are drifting away from the star at half pulse speed.  If we don’t get some sort of pulse control back who knows what we will run into.”  Gregory said.

“Engineer get on it.  I’ll send some additional personal to help you out.  In the meantime, let’s get life support back up across the ship.  Safety stations stand down.”

“Aye Ma’am.”

Captain Leona Taim sat behind her desk in her quarters.  She was looking over the initial repair estimates giving to her by the engineering team and tinkering with a few numbers on the touch screen desk.  She was trying to get the engines up to full capacity in five hours instead of the estimated eighteen, because they had to be able to manuever when whomever laid the trap for them came back to check on their prey.

The alert bell on the outside of her door went off and she keyed the person in.  It was her medical officer Tam Worthing.  Tam was younger than the captain by a decade, but had grey hair, a hunched back and a fatalism that befit all doctors working on a deep space ship.  Tam was the only woman that Leona knew could sew up a crewman under fire in a space ready suit with a few sticks and tape.

“Tam, good to see you.”

“Yeah right.  Captain, we have a serious problem here.”

“Oh, whatever do you mean?”  Leona said tapping a few more keys on the desk.

“That last little stunt of yours set my experiment back a few years!  Why the hell did you go to safety stations in the middle of what you know could be the most important medical study the fleet has undertaken?”

“Well, it was go to safety stations or die.  I chose not to meet the sisters today.  I’m sure you can understand that experiments can be repeated, but life cannot.”

“That’s exactly the point!  If I can figure out those last few problems, we won’t have to worry about getting everything right the first time through!  You know as well as I do that the only reason I can get this close is because we are so far out that the rest of the fleet can’t do anything about my work.”

“You mean your illegal research into reincarnation that has been outlawed for the last two hundred and thirty eight years?”  The captains said clicking.

“That law is an ancient superstition that has no place in modern day society and you know that.  We have a chance here.  These conditions out in zero gravity, farther out than anyone else has been, it allows us to try a series of experiments that normally would not be feasible.  But all that work is for naught if I cannot have power to my lab twenty four seven! ”  Tam said slamming her hand down on the desk and clearing the display off of the desk.

Leona looked up into Tam’s eyes and said, “I know that.  I had to do what I had to do to save the ship.  I rerouted power back to your lab as soon as we cleared the gravity well.  You had no power for less than five minutes.  Surely the amount of research lost cannot be as grave as you make out.  Now, I would ask you to leave and get back to your primary duties on this vessel, that of caring for this crew.  I’ve had reports of numerous injuries.”

“But Captain…”



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