Posted by: endithinks | September 16, 2010

On a peaceful march to City Hall

Today I was part of the march to City Hall organized by the Duwammish Tribe in response to the police murder of a member of my neighborhood.  The man was shot by a rookie cop when he approached the man with a whittling knife carving a totem.  The knife was within legal limits but the man was shot to death.

The following videos are from my camera phone so bare with the non perfection.

The following is my Twitter Feed as the event was proceeding.

  1. March is heading to City Hall.
  2. Loud catcalls and barks as we’ve blocked Police Headquaters entrance. Crowd is getting Raucous.

  3. March has reached police headquaters and crowd beginning to yell and play drums. We’ve stopped in front to shout!

  4. March is starting ironically with a police escort.

  5. Drums starting to join the singing with loud barking calls intersperced.

  6. Media helicopters circling the rally point. Police continuing to reroute traffic.

  7. A song is being sung. Haunting and sad.

  8. Police have blocked the streets from Boren and Howell down a few blocks.

  9. The Duwammish is here in some force. Numbers are starting to swell.

  10. “We are an endangered human species.”

  11. “Is it justifiable or is it murder!” Crowd is starting to get agitated. John was shot in the back.

  12. Speaking stick being used for people to tell their stories. A few people with bandanas pulled up over their faces.

  13. Speaker at rally says through tears “John was not homeless!”

  14. Organization that helped put this rally together was a Lutheran Church. They are recruiting “Peace Keepers.”

  15. I would estimate 300 people here in the parking lot on the corner of Boren and Howell.

  16. Walking towards the march about the police murder of a homeless artisan. 


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