Posted by: endithinks | June 27, 2010

On emotional rollercoasters, sick dogs, and the unending quest for gold.

These last few weeks have been quite emotional for me as a combination of World Cup fever, employment questions and the ever elusive dollar bill, has formed into a triangle of ups and downs that frankly, I’m not to wild about.

I’m usually a pretty stable guy emotionally, usually laid back with a very optimistic outlook on life in general.  I always give people the benefit of the doubt and I tend to trust people’s word.  I’m learning that it is important to trust, but verify.

I am also getting quite sick of not being the master of my own fate.  It is interesting how when work is unstable and here today gone tomorrow that the rest of one’s life begins to resemble a hodge podge of dates, events and circumstances.  It is as if I am simply watching as it occurs and it is getting to me.

Not to mention that my dog is not feeling well today.  She is groggy and low energy and we had to move our friends along instead of inviting them over due to it.  I know she is probably just adjusting to the heat that Seattle has been having in the past few days, but it is worrisome as well.



  1. I know the past year has been a true emotional roller-coaster and I know especially a few things in particular are making your soul feel sad. You are absolutely one of the most laid back and optimistic about life people I have ever met, but lately you’ve been a lot less energetic. But then, so have I. But things will work out. Life will smile upon us all again and we just have to put in the energy to bring that about sooner.

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