Posted by: endithinks | January 13, 2010

On the simple things

After hearing about the Haiti earthquake and seeing the devastation there, I decided to take my Boston for a long walk.  I often cope with sadness with exercise and the walk was down from my apartment to the Seattle Center where we met quite a few dogs, a couple of rebellious squirrels, and a flock of seagulls, the birds not the band.

As I was watching my dog run around and sniff everything it got me thinking about how much time we seem to waste on trivial things that don’t matter.  We are too concerned with objects and status that doesn’t bring the true meaning of being alive to fruition.  What truly matters in the face of the pain our fellows are facing right now?

I want to re-imagine myself as a more giving person and someone who is focused on helping others.  I’m working for an organization that is giving me many opportunities to strengthen my skills and make a difference.

In Haiti there are estimates of one hundred thousand people dead and most of us here are still running around trying to get the bigger TV and the newest Ipod.  Please go the Mercy Corps and contribute if you can to help relieve some of the suffering.


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