Posted by: endithinks | October 1, 2009

On “American Police Force”

It started with the government under President Bush hiring a private company of mercenaries called Blackwater and now it is continuing.  In Montana a small town has had a new group of tourists that they did not expect, a police force from a private for profit company named American Police Force.  No you are not in Fascist Germany, you are still here in America where we are starting to use mercenaries in order to police our own cities.

The group has a shoddy, shaddy looking website which you can see here American Police Force (apparently the server is overloaded as I write this) and the group took over a city prison that did not have any inmates.  The townsfolk had no idea this was going to occur and since this is a private mercenary group they do not know what to expect.

Read the article from CBS news.  American Police Force Comes to Town.

This is quite disturbing.  We are not a nation of mercenaries and the fact that they are deployed on our own soil is very disquieting.


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