Posted by: endithinks | September 17, 2009

On Missile Defense

Finally some good news in regards to the military.  President Obama has announced that he is not going to follow the Bush era missile defense shield that started the Russian/Georgian conflict earlier last year.  The president has called the prime ministers of Poland and the others and has told them that the defense shield would not in fact be defensive at all.

The decision came after reviewing what the defense shield was supposed to accomplish and realizing that the accomplishments could be made by simpler tactics.  The shield was basically an economic gift from Bush to the eastern european countries and a punch in Russia’s eye as Bush wanted to show once again how tough he was.  I guess two wars wasn’t enough for him.

As you remember in the Russian/Georgian conflict one of the reasons Georgia was so aggressive and trying to reestablish itself in that regions under nominal Russian control was because they felt a strong sense of support from the former president and felt that the time was right as Russia was apparently struggling economically.  Of course they made a huge tactical error as Russia’s military has always been strong regardless of economics.  Russia was one of the few countries were you could not directly tie economic strength with military strength.

So Russia venting some of its bitterness and frustration overpowered Georgia not only to defend themselves, but also to send a message to the world that Russia is not a weak nation.  The assault also served as a warning against western encroachment on the former soviet states into NATO an organization formed after world war two to directly counter the growing strength of the USSR.

Georgia, Ukraine and Poland were all playing with the thought of becoming NATO allies and Russia was not happy about it.  The Georgian war was the perfect foil for Russia to stand up and reenergize its flagging morale.

Here is the article from the NY Times.  Way to go Mr. President.  Let’s spend our military on things that will actually make us safer and by the way we need to get out of Afghanistan.

Missile Defense Shield


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