Posted by: endithinks | September 16, 2009

On Seattle

Well the move is finally finished and I am writing from the city of my dreams, Seattle.  It has been an eventful last couple of weeks with the move and the combating viruses that my girlfriend and I have been trading back and forth.

It all started with an unfortunate allergic reaction to a veggie burger that I’ve ordered from a martini bar (I know first mistake ordering food from a martini bar), but seriously who the hell puts nuts in a veggie burger made of beans?  It was a three bean burger and they threw in walnuts for giggles I guess.  I have tried and tried to think of a logical reason for throwing nuts into a veggie burger and I can only come up with the following: they were smoking something.

Anyway after a few days of fever and coughing and swelling I finally recovered only to see my girlfriend come down with a flu that is working its way around town.  She is working from home right now luckily she has a job that can afford her to do that, but she is still sick although on the mend.

The town itself is as wonderful as I remember it.  I love the feeling of being part of a sprawling mass of humanity and the city has afforded me many opportunities to just sit and relax and marvel at what we can accomplish.  I’ve already hit the historical tourist stops in Seattle, walking around Pike’s Place Market, Seattle Center and various other hotspots, but this time I don’t have to hop on a ferry and go home.  I am home.

I’ve been looking for work in this city slowly working my way through some routines and plans that are starting to bear fruit.  I will be volunteering at various places and sometime this week I am going to increase my search’s radius.  I’m trying to find something that is meaningful and worthy.  I do not just want to take a position because it is money in the bank.  I can’t do that after leaving a position I absolutely loved in Portland.  I’ve seen how you can make a difference, a tangible difference if you put your heart into your work and I will not back away from that.

So, I’m looking into non profits, social work, writing and other venues in order to do something that will actually be useful both physically and spiritually.  I want to be part of a team that is doing work to help people reach their full potential.  I will probably be in the education field of some sort again as I really enjoyed being in a classroom for the past couple of years.  Anyway I will keep you all posted.

By the way if you hear of anything that matches me feel free to leave a comment and we can exchange information.


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