Posted by: endithinks | July 23, 2009

On the president’s press conference

This is a re posting of a letter I wrote a pro Obama group that I think sums up my thoughts about the press conference about health care reform.


I can’t stand watching the pundits nit pick on every single sentence and utterance.  So many of them were talking about how the president wasn’t “specific” enough.  I thought his arguments were well thought out and I think that many people may have a clearer idea about what is at stake.

I do think that the only message from the White House should be “We can’t delay.  Millions are suffering even those with insurance.  Especially those with insurance.”
I think they need to hammer away at how the costs of the uninsured are driving the costs up for those who have insurance.  I think they should hit us again and again with the crushing weight of premiums and call them “fees.”

They should use language that is woven with negative connotations about the money.  Premiums sounds too classy and dignified.  They should say “costs,” “fees,” “greed,” “exploitative profits.”  They should tie in the cost of health care to the costs of uninsured drivers.

Driving without insurance is against the law and that is only about a material good that doesn’t mean that much in the long run.  Our bodies are the one thing that stays with us.  The president should hit people where they know.  Simple solution.  High health costs are just like high auto insurance.  You have to pay for those who are breaking the law.  Make it simple and tie it into money out of people’s pocket.  Every time the fees go up you are paying for hundreds who can’t afford it.  Every time you look at your medical bills and the number keeps growing at three times the money in your pocket, the amount you take home from your hard work and sweat, it is because we have to cover those who are without.

I think the president did do that once last night when he tied the money to funds already being taken from our pockets to pay for emergency rooms.  He needs to do more of that and people will finally have an “Ah ha!” moment.

Also the Democrats should be making how much money the Republicans get from those not in favor of health care reform in donations every time they talk about a congressman.  They should state it like a title.  Senator Graham, two million dollars from pharmaceutical companies, likes to remind us how little it takes to buy a senator.  Something like that.



  1. I hadn’t thought of the driver’s insurance example – that’s very clever indeed! To those who argue we can’t mandate people to get insured – we already do! Granted driving is something you may choose not to do, but I think it’s a relevant example nonetheless since it’s a mandatory insurance codified in and punishable by law.

    As for the criticisms that Obama’s speeches on healthcare lack details – I think it’s up to congress to write the legislation and Obama has done plenty (if not too much) by outlining his top principles for reform.

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