Posted by: endithinks | June 10, 2009


For those of you who have not been turned on to CSPAN consider this your turn on.  If you want to actually see some of what our government is doing you need to turn off the spin heads and professional opinion makers and judge for yourself.  Of course, there will be no fancy graphics, engaging music, and bitter back and forths between the same pundits over and over again, but CSPAN will actually give you access to the people you’ve voted into office.

Now, what strikes me the most about the channel is how empty the Senate and House of Representatives are when people are actually giving speeches and making policy claims and laws.  It is as if the US congress is all about chilling in your office and getting on phone calls with the power brokers back in your home districts about your next run at office.  It is like the logic that was used in the film “Erik the Viking.”  The character was asked why the vikings go out on campaigns and pillage and steal and the viking responded, “We have to pay for the next expedition.”

What you will see on CSPAN most likely are congresspeople arguing to the choir.  They schedule hearings when no one but their own supporters show up.  They stage agreement and summaries while trying to pretend that the “debate” is spontaneous and meaningful.  Case in point, I just finished watching two hours where both Democrats and Republicans were spinning about the same topics at separate hour long conferences in the House.  They did not have the opposition in attendance and they were both parroting back to their own members what they all already shared.

Interesting note the Republicans were once again implying that FDR was the reason the great depression occurred.  Also, it was implied that President Obama is worse than Hugo Chavez.  Also, Congresswoman Bachmann from Minnesota once again brought up the fact of armed revolution as if talk of government overthrow was perfectly legitimate.  (Never you mind you Jeffersonians who will undoubtedly think about what Jefferson said here.  He was speaking of a different time when the republic was so young that its future was unknown.  The times have changed and the great experiment with Democracy has been proved to work.)

It is intriguing to see so many of the seats empty when the business of government is supposed to be taking place.  By the way, I haven’t received any answer to my letters to my Senators in response to various complaints for the first time actually.  I’m a bit disappointed, but I understand.  They are busy.  I can see that they are too busy to even sit down in their chairs in the Senate.  Too many fundraisers to plan.  Too many bills to pay.  Too many expeditions to finance.


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