Posted by: endithinks | May 27, 2009

On happenings to Bill Cliinton and N. Korea

Interesting article of President Bill Clinton and the way his life is running now.

It’s not about Bill

I haven’t decided what to write about North Korea yet as I feel anything said about them is not going to be relevant two hours from posting since the regime decides to change its mind at the slightest provocation or whim of the illustrious leader Kim Jong.  I do think that the posturing is a direct appeal to the people for control, since they are starving and without power.

The means of control that Kim Jong has decided to use is that of fear, a constant enemy, and blustering.  He or whomever controls him is short sigthed and does not realize the best way to control is to lose control.

Case in point the United States.  Fill our bellies with Mcdonalds and our homes with flat screen TV’s and you can stomp on our civil rights, take away our power to dissent, and force feed us lines about protecting  our national interests while selling weapons to dictators and mujaheddin who of course turn around and betray us.  I just think material goods, greed, and an anti intellectual assault is a lot easier than controlling the media and storming people’s homes.




  1. There is something to the theory of control by means of information oversaturation. It’s rather ominous.

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