Posted by: endithinks | May 25, 2009

On Gitmo letters

I’ve written to my Senators about the horrible vote against funding the closure of Gitmo and I will repost them here.  We need to hold our elected officials accountable or they will be subject to the fear and malice of those that want to keep the status quo.  The Senate voted against funding the closure of Gitmo due to fear mongering and Nimby thinking (Not In My BackYard).  They have lost their objectivity and adherence to our own laws and replaced them with cowardice.  We cannot be ruled by fear.

Senator Jeff Merkley

Dear Senator Merkley,

I was a staunch supporter of you during the campaign and I was at your celebration the night of the election.  I remember you talking about how you wanted to be a Senator that would bring new ideas and change to represent the state of Oregon.

I have to say I’ve been watching what you have done and I will definitely say that you have done very well for the most part.  I especially appreciate your work on Clean Energy and on Hate Crime legislation.

The reason I am writing today is to share my disappointment in the recent vote on the Gitmo finances.  I am deeply worried that the Congress has lost sight on how important this stain on our national honor is to our security and our international prestige.

Of course all that matters less than our own thoughts of ourselves and our dedication to our Constitution and of course the all important rule of law.  We cannot afford to let fear decide our course of action.

I urge you sir to make some noise and start a conversation about the importance of closing Gitmo regardless of the fear that the Right has been dredging up.  Gitmo must close and we must give each one of these people a fair trial, or the terrorists win.

If we do not follow our own laws and hold ourselves to our own standards we have let those who use fear, terror, and violence to prove to the world that we are only a country of laws when it suits us.  We cannot allow the recruitment boon Gitmo to continue to exist.  We should have that center closed before the year is out and we need to give trials and all the rights to those people that have been wallowing in a prison cell for nearly eight years.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Senator Ron Wyden

Dear Senator Wyden,

Thank you so much for your continued hard work for the country and for us Oregonians in the Senate.  I really appreciate what you do for us and I also appreciate how you communicate with us and always send me a reply.

Today I am writing in regards to the travesty of the Gitmo vote.  I was extremely disappointed that the Democrats fell for the fear mongering that the Republicans used to scare up the notion that closing Gitmo would expose Americans to terrorists.

Firstly, these people held in Gitmo for nearly eight years have not been found guilty of any wrong doing.  We have not tried them under our own laws and Constitution and we have taken their liberty on hearsay, rumors and ironically their speech.  We cannot sit back and allow people to be held indefinitely without trial, law, lawyers without even evidence in most cases, or evidence that is solely people talking.  It is not who we are.

I urge you sir most strongly to reconsider what we are expressing to ourselves, our founders and the world when we only practice our own law when it is easy for us.  If the times get tough we need to stick to our beliefs even more tenaciously.  That is how you judge a people, not by their successes, but with how they deal with challenges and trouble.

I know you are an honorable man and I encourage you to stand up for the rule of law and not give in to political and fear considerations.  If we cannot hold ourselves to our own standards we have lost the “war on terror” without the enemy even having to fire a shot.


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