Posted by: endithinks | May 21, 2009

On Gitmo

Once again fear rears its head and the lily livered Congress runs away like rats from hawks.  Obama Speach

Yesterday the Congress shot down the funding for the closing of our national shame that is Guatanomo Bay by a vote of ninety four to six.  I haven’t seen such a blatant case of cowardice since President George W. Bush hid himself for days after 9/11.

The Congress bought into the fear that was expelled from the mouths of cowards using thirty second sound bites and dark, menacing music.  They ran with their eyes hidden and their shame blatant.  Harry Reid made some non sensible comments about somehow taking the detainees into American prisons means releasing them.

Of course the whole point lost on those who cringe and gnaw on bones, is that we have illegally imprisoned these people for nearly eight years now in direct violation of international and humanitarian laws.  In fact it is against our own constitution to detain anyone without due process, the right to face their accuser, legal advice, an actual charge, and the right to redress wrongful imprisonment.

If we compromise our beliefs to make ourselves “safer” we deserve neither safety or freedom. (Ben Franklin said this over two hundred years ago.)

I can’t stand all the waffling and wringing of hands over these people that have no power, cannot harm us, and our weak kneed response to the whole war on terror in the first place should make us all sick.  We have given too much power to those who would do us harm.  Terrorist win when they cause fear and discord.

Terrorists know they can never overthrow our country; their goal is to change our ways and make us fearful and from where I’m standing, they are winning.


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