Posted by: endithinks | May 14, 2009

On being possibly too pragmatic

I admire President Obama for many reasons, but one of them that is starting to become more pronounced is his pragmatism.  Now I’m all for pragmatism as long as it doesn’t completely compromise ones core beliefs.  I am very worried though with the latest turn of events where the president may be considering detaining the Guatanomo prisoners indefinitely on American soil without trial.

This goes against everything that I stand for.  We have to put them in the prison population and give them a fair and just trial.  If they are found guilty than that is the way of justice.  If they are found not guilty we need to deport them as we should.  We cannot put our “security” over our core beliefs.

Obama considering detaining

We can’t let this happen.  We have to stand on our Constitution and do the lawful thing.  Can you imagine being imprisoned for seven or eight years without being able to face your accuser and without any sort of trial at all?  It is un-American and we need to stop being such gutless cowards and follow through with our obligations.  You can tell what someone is really like when they are afraid, or when they are in a situation they do not like.  The true colors of a nation are under the light now and I’m afraid those colors are not red, white and blue, but a pale yellow that is blanching in the sun.


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