Posted by: endithinks | April 25, 2009

On torture and morality

The article from the Washington post found here is very disturbing.  The entire policy of the Bush administration to use torture in order to try and get information is not only flawed and unreliable, but it is immoral and Un-American.  We do not torture.  The worst part of the fallout is that there are people who are so cowardly that they are defending torture and using a “ends justify the means” type of attitude.

The ends do not justify the means.  We have to stick to our beliefs and our morality in the face of challenges.  You judge a person by how they deal with adversity and challenges.  More so with an entire nation.  If we fold our morality when we deem it necessary we have lost the fight.  The only reason that middle of the road Muslims and others do not join the terrorist minority is because they view America as a good and upright country.  If we lose our moral authority further we will drive the unemployed and disheartened further into the arms of Al Queda.


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