Posted by: endithinks | April 17, 2009

On Bush Torture Memos and disappointment

Here is a link to the President Bush Torture Memos that were released by President Obama today.  Chilling memos indeed.


I am so upset that it seems that President Obama is not going to prosecute those in charge of torture.  It seems like the president is not going to pursue prosecution against those who actually did the torturing.  It is so disappointing as the destruction that Bush sowed upon our civil liberties and our morality is not stamped out with such swift force that we see prosecutions and justice before the last brick of Guatanomo Bay is blasted apart.

We cannot allow torture no matter the precedent.  We cannot allow the use of pain and suffering to dictate our intelligence gathering even if the torture protects any of us.  We know that torture is unreliable and not accurate.  We know that torture yields little except a recruitment device for our enemies.

President Obama please bring the full force of the Department of Justice against those who have shamed us and broken international and moral law.


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