Posted by: endithinks | April 11, 2009

On easing relations with Cuba

President Obama is starting to take some steps in easing our relationship with Cuba.  The last few weeks we have seen movement out from Cuba with both Fidel Castro and his younger brother Raul stating publicly that they welcome a better relationship with the United States and look forward to working with the new president.

President Obama has signalled that he is going to ease some of the restrictions that President Bush enacted especially about visitation rights of Cuban Americans to go back to Cuba to visit relatives.  Under the Bush restrictions Cuban Americans were very restricted from going to Cuba and some were not allowed to visit at all.  President Obama wishes to change this.

Easing Cuba Tensions

The fact of the matter is that our relationship with Cuba is based on an over sense of betrayal when we put Fidel into power and he turned out to be a communist.  We have been punishing his country for nearly 50 years now because we felt angry.  We can care less about communism as evidenced in our trade with China.  China, the biggest communist country in the world, is our second main trading partner after Canada.  We cannot “hate” communism while borrowing money from the “reds.”


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