Posted by: endithinks | April 6, 2009

On Miracle Oil

This morning as I was eating my whole wheat bagel peanut butter and apricot jelly sandwich I turned on the TV and was hit in the face with yet another “Miracle” product.

This time the “pastor” was slinging Miracle Oil.  This pastor was jumping up and down, sweating, and pestering me to call a toll free number (“I pay the phone bills up in here!”) and ask for his oil that he had prayed over.

Now, I’m not against anyone’s religious beliefs, what I hate is this used car salesman approach to a healthy relationship with God.  It is as if a dabble of oil will not only make God love you more, but will also change your life…with stuff!

Once again the miracle is material goods.  I’ve gone off before about CASH MONEY but this product was even lower not even getting specific about what could happen if you called the number.

Not to mention that the production value of the commercial was so amateurish that the green screen showed a thick black line around the pastor.  It was cartoonish and I kept watching it expecting it to be a spoof it was so poorly written, but I was disappointed.  It was a serious ad.  It was a serious promise to change your life with “Reguula oil dat I pay over it and if you done call me it become miracle oil!  It done do you good!”

I can’t stand con artists and liars.  I can’t believe that people are so desperate for some sort of divine touch that they will watch a sermon on TV or buy some “reguula oil” from a guy in a thousand dollar suit.


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