Posted by: endithinks | March 27, 2009

On the Republican “budget”

(This is a repost of an email I sent this morning, but I thought I should place it here as well.)

If you haven’t seen the debacle that is the Republican version of their budget you should take a look at this almost vaudeville song and dance that the Republicans seem to be intent on producing.  Their budget in essence has no numbers other than the biggest tax cut ever proposed in history.

Basically they want to make a flat tax and they hide it in flowery language but it comes down to a ten percent income tax and fifteen percent payroll tax for anyone making under one hundred thousand dollars and a flat twenty five percent tax with no payroll tax for anyone making over one hundred thousand dollars.  Right now for comparison those above 250 K pay at a rate of thirty six percent.  So the Republican plan to get us out of deficit?  Tax cuts.  Trickle down economics.  Voodoo economics.  Or just plain making themselves and their vested interests richer.

Now if you’ve been reading my blogs and emails I am not a “soak the rich” type of person at all.  I do not believe that people should be “punished for success.”  President Obama does not propose this in the first place and I agree with him about his tax policies.  What I find so amusing is the utter lack of political skill the Republicans are showing when they walk into every trap laid out by the Obama administration and reuse the same lines from thirty years ago again and again.

They are living in the mythic world of Reagan and they need to wake up before their party splits and the Wigs return.


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