Posted by: endithinks | March 26, 2009

On the immigration of Mary Jane

California has some serious economic issues.  The state will be broke if the housing collapse digs in for a nice and proper implosion, but the ideas that are being floated to deal with the problems are laughable, idiotic or downright bass akwards.

California is considering making Mary Jane legal.  The state wants to grant amnesty to the wandering woman who has traveled from here to there riding on the backs of hippies, rappers and businessmen who glorify her and laugh in derision at the poor schmucks who feed her as they cash their checks and invest in more little to no talent “musicians” who can sing her praise for a cheap summertime single.

The problem with Mary Jane is that she has changed so much since she hitched a ride with the protesters in the sixties on their way across the country in a “love in for peace.”  She has lost her way and her roots.  She no longer knows her mother.  She can’t even recognize herself in the mirror anymore.  Gone are the natural hair styles and mellow ways.  Mary Jane today is a stranger to herself and to all those she met during the various stocks and wood and giving peace a chance.

Today she is apathetic.  Today she deadens the pain of life.  She doesn’t allow anyone to reach their dreams or live up to their full potential.  She holds them back.  She let’s them hit the snooze button.  She tells them their parents basement is perfectly cool for a man or woman in their thirties to inhabit.  She supports the least amount of effort and the least amount of change.  She is the ultimate enabler who is perfectly fine with doing nothing day in and day out.

California needs to boot the free loader out.  Mary is one of those “hangers on.”  She is like a neighborhood dog that you throw scraps to once out of mercy and now it is living under your porch.  The governator should know better than to trust her.


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