Posted by: endithinks | March 18, 2009

On reconnecting, AIG and populist “outrage.”

I’ve finally gotten around to joining Facebook and I must say the response has been more positive than I expected.  I’ve been getting messages from people I haven’t talked to or heard tale or yarn from in close to thirteen years.  I love the Internet sometimes…whom am I kidding?  I love it long time.

The last few days I’ve been home alone as my girlfriend has been visiting her parents.  It has been quiet…too quiet.  I know for sure that a day is about the amount of time that I can almost enjoy the bachelor lifestyle.  I just don’t like being away from her.

So at the risk of sounding corny, I truly do know that I want to be with her.  It has been eye opening to say the least and with some new revelations from friends of mine and the whole idea of what it means to be a couple becoming more and more important to me, I have definitely been thinking.  Of course the rest of the world won’t leave me alone while I ponder what I wish to ponder.  It is robbing me of my ponders and poking and prodding with tantalizing tidbits and shocking tugs.

I’ve been keeping up on the news as I usually do, but lately I’ve been really reading the back parts of the papers and focusing on the smaller stories that are stitching together a story that is quite a troublesome quilt.  I’ve been paying attention to Pakistan and the troubling rumble of Populism that is starting to actually shape some of the decisions that the president is making.

I’m very worried about the responding to outcry’s of ne’er do wells and rapscallions robed in cloths of populists and justice seekers.  This mentality that has been gaining ground for the last few years of “the people” getting sick of those in power is troubling as the alternative if not contained is enough to make Ayn Rand slap her forehead and write off the entire country.

The “people” are clamoring over AIG, bailouts and the rich taking advantage of them.  I understand that anger as the sense of a lack of justice is a bitter glass of milk to choke down with the cake that was so generously thrown out of the carriage, but if that anger turns from those who made conscious greedy decisions to anyone who has had success that is when we will see some problems.



  1. I completely agree on the Ayn Rand comment. As a tax payer, I too feel cheated with the AIG situation. However, we must not let anger blur our vision and swerve the country down a deep rabbit hole. Let’s be smart and practical, let’s learn from this error and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Can’t afford to just blab on the pundit channels and display outrage, must do something and move on to bigger, better things. Otherwise, we’ll defeat ourselves.

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