Posted by: endithinks | March 13, 2009

On conservatives and patriotism

The last few days we’ve been seeing a ramping up of “Super Patriotism” amongst those who call themselves conservatives.  It has been ratcheted up these last few weeks as more and more Republicans wander hither and thither looking for some sort of solace in a world in which they’ve lost touch.

Hannity had on his website bearing his name a poll asking his “readers” to vote for their favorite form of treason they would want to see happen here in the states.  He had options of: armed revolt, military coup, secession ect.  All forms of treason should be shunned and his poll on his website was an affront to everything he says matters to him.

Fast forward to this week when America’s own Chuck “Internet Meme” Norris started talking about how he would like to run for president…of Texas.  Norris was talking about treason and turning traitor and those who have hijacked the name of conservatives where clapping and slapping their knees and warming up their traitorous throats for that good ol rebel yell.

I haven’t been able to calm down.  I cannot believe that those who have stolen the title of conservatives have begun swinging themselves from the trees and speaking aloud about treason…a crime that is punishable according to the law of this land by death.  We’ve killed traitors in the past and it is beyond reason that they begin to trumpet the call to secession simply because they did not get their way.

If this isn’t a homage to the old adage “I’m taking my ball and going home,” I don’t know what is.  They are worse than first graders.



  1. […] Endi Thinks: Conservatives are all about patriotism when they’re in charge – and all about treason when they aren’t. […]

    • It does seem interesting that the latest attack is that President Obama will expand government and lead to Totalitarianism, when their poster boy President Bush was in charge during the biggest expansion of government since the New Deal.

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