Posted by: endithinks | March 8, 2009

On “Fiscal Conservatisim”

Whenever I hear a Republican bring up President Reagan as an example of “fiscal conservatism” I have to drop my drink or I would spew it all over my television screen from laughing so hard.  President Reagan spent more money than any other president in United States history only to be surpassed by the neo conservative President Bush II.  It is really quite laughable that the Republicans think we cannot remember the days of outspending communism and “star wars” and the invasions of Grenada, the Iran Contra affair, and the largest expansion of military spending ever seen on this planet.

President Reagan operated with the backing of his movement and was known as a “Teflon” president where scandals and problems seemed to bounce off of him regardless of his many policy mistakes, wars, invasions and political scandals.  Here are a few of those stories just to refresh your memory.

National Debt per President

Iran Contra Affair

Reagan Scandals

Iraq Reagan connection

Reagan Star Wars



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