Posted by: endithinks | March 3, 2009

On Michael Steele and the gutless GOP leadership

The GOP just does not get it.  They need to reach out to the moderates and the regular non political side of the United States if they want to be a party that actually can do anything besides being the party of “no.”

The leadership should be blasting Limbaugh to kingdom come and deriding his messages of hate, anger and a desire to see the president fail.  If the president fails our country is in for longer periods of hurt.  If the GOP had any idea what regular people think they would be diving off of the extremism of Limbaugh and using his name as a pinata.

But the GOP has no sense of the mood and tenor of people that are hurting and suffering through this financial and morale crisis.  They believe the hype and the echo chamber of their own hardcore followers rather than listen to the vast majority of the nation.  They don’t understand that the constituents who call them and send incendiary letters are a minority, not majority of conservatives.

Where was the rancor and anger when President Bush was abandoning what the conservative movement claims to be about?  They claim to be about fiscal conservatism but the president in their own party spent more money than any other president in United States history.  The doublespeak and hypocrisy is going to kill the Republican party and they don’t even see it coming.

Case in point, Michael Steele.   As the leader of the RNC he is supposed to be in charge of expanding the parties reach to a wider range of people besides the very rich southerner and the religious right.  Instead Steele is doubling down on the message of hate that Limbaugh spews on a daily basis.  He has apologized to the one man who has done more harm to the party than any other non elected official.  Limbaugh is poison and the victim is the GOP.

Limbaugh is like the poisoner in The Count of Monte Cristo.  Everyone has a strong idea who is doing it, but they defend the poisoner over and over again.  They deny and blame others when all they have to do is shine a light on the infestation that is Limbaugh.

He should be abandoned and his followers should be ashamed of themselves.  He has a lot of listeners, but they do not vote.  They sit in their cars and trucks and homes nodding their heads at the thinly veiled vitriol of Limbaugh and they agree with his views of self hate, fear mongering and the eventual collapse of the country.  They yearn for it.  They want the world to suffer as they suffer every night they pull up their covers and once again drift to sleep alone and abandoned.


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