Posted by: endithinks | March 2, 2009

On India and shootouts

India Makes a Place for Dirty Harry

The article makes an interesting point about the expectations of the middle class to be safe rather than have justice for all.  The story follows the exploits of the rising number of police shootings where the victims are mostly poor or working class and it nearly always ends in death to the defendant.

The middle class as more and more move into the large cities seem to, according to the article, value safety over rule of law.  It is endemic to all people at various points in their development that they are willing to give up rights in order to protect themselves from the boogie man hiding underneath the beds and in our alleyways.

Americans are not immune to this as can be seen from the lack of riots and outrage over the destruction of our civil liberties such as the passage of the Patriot Act.  That act substituted the rights that our forefathers fought and died for for a warm fuzzy feeling and a big man with a stick guarding us while we sleep.  Never mind that the man picks out our clothes, listens to our music, watches us sleep, eat, and tells us what to do.  He has a big stick and he protects us from the big bad wolf.

For the largest democracy in the world, India still has a lot of problems and troubles.  The most disturbing aspect of this story is the glorification of these police that specialize in killing.  They are viewed as heroes when anyone with any law background will tell you that if someone dies the police person has failed.

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