Posted by: endithinks | February 17, 2009

On Miracle Mana and Televangelist a promisin the sky

This morning while getting ready for work I saw a commercial, actually a paid advertisement full length show, which promised of all things “Miracle Mana.”  You know as in the old testament Mana that fell from the sky when the Israelites were wandering the desert for forty years after the Pharaoh let them free.

Mana that apparently came to the televangelist in a dream.  He then claims that God commanded him to give this Mana to the people for free if they will only call a toll free number and visit a website.  The program then went on to have testimonials of people eating the “Miracle Mana” and then the next day receiving CASH MONEY in the mail. 

People were sharing how checks for thousands of dollars arrived in their mailbox and then praising God for sending them money.  They then went on to say that Miracle Mana had PROVEN that God exists.

First of all, faith is the proof of things unseen.  As a wise man once said: God and man were arguing and man told God that he could prove his existence.  God said “no you can’t I exist from people’s faith and you cannot prove or disprove my existence.”  Man then said “Well what about the babble fish?  a fish that translates any language into the language of the listener.  There is no way that could be a chance coincidence.”  God then said “I didn’t think about that,” and then disappeared in a puff of logic.  Man then went on to prove that white is black, up is down and in is out.

So Hitchhiker’s Guide not withstanding, the idea of proof of God via a piece of bread and a check for CASH MONEY in the mail is so ridiculous that I cannot even believe it is on the radio waves and on Television.

How does someone truly believe that God in all his power must hoodwink his followers by sending them money in the United States post office with postage paid!  Call today and get your own piece of Unleavened bread and a check for CASH MONIES!

Now Televangelists have always disturbed me very much as they try to connect to the listeners through the television with eyes rolled back into their heads and tears streaming down and hands a waving and a clinging and a ringing out the money from the down trodden, the gullible and the dispossessed.

They used to be known as Flim Flam men or shysters or to be crude Liars.  Now they put on a suit claim to have a divine revelation and they really just have an economic impetus.  Televangelist are businesspeople first, ministers second, if at all.

The reason is that they have lost the perspective about what a minister is all about.  A minister isn’t just a speaker and loudest shouter and “I have seen the mountaintop” they are first and foremost caring people.  Relationships are the things that matter in regards to congregants and their ministers.  What kind of relationship can a minister have with congregants numbering in the thousands?  The only type of relationship they can have is a business transaction.

Now, I have no problem with ministers who actually emulate the religious leader of the past (I’m talking mostly about Christians here since they are the type I have the most experience with in a televangelist matter) as Jesus was not a televangelist.  He did not solicit funds and cast out Healing bolts of lightning through an electronic wave as I’ve seen many Televangelists do.  I’ve seen them fling their arms towards a wave of adoring people flattening them with the holy power.

That is a comic book and its title should be “The Fools.”



  1. What I fail to understand is what the point is exactly… someone comes up with a really suspicious product – because, let’s face it, this is an advertised good – and pays big money to get an informercial on TV. What do they expect exactly? Or perhaps the more telling phenomenon is that there are people out there who call in and log on. Are we that desperate for good fortune at no cost or sacrifice to ourselves? Isn’t that selfish? Why would God reward selfishness?

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