Posted by: endithinks | February 13, 2009

On searching for jobs…again

One of the best websites out there for practical and worldly advice about careers is surprisingly on the Microsoft Network Homepage.

There is an article that deals directly with how to approach the state of unemployment.  The article is well written and very succinct.  The basic premise is that unemployment is simply a “transitionary” state.  Now this may sound all mumbo jumbo Baron Zamedi-like to you, but it is actually a good way of thinking about the situation.

The most important things that I’ve found in my moments of “transition” is that you must approach that time as if you are still working.  Wake up every morning the same time you did when you were gainfully employed.  You should eat a hearty breakfast and “clock in.” 

The week of job searching does not necessarily need to be eight hour days regardless of what that article says, but it does need to be an effort to have set goals and set times in searching.  Many people get into the mindset of searching for work when the mood hits them this is incorrect;  persistence and pattern is the key.

The proper mindset is the most important aspect of this period of transition.  Employers will not hire or respond well to a desperate person.  You must take the time to still relax, have fun, and keep your relationships going.  Too many job seekers become Internet Hermits and pound their keyboards, flick their mice rollers, and forget about the world outside of cyberspace.  It is not those obsessed with World of Warcraft that spend too much time online, oftentimes it is those in “transition.”

Lastly, the world of online job offers is a world that is shallow and incomplete.  Most jobs are still found the old fashioned way, through people that you know.  Networking is a skil that is more important now than ever before.  With employers getting dozens and hundreds of anonymous emails and resumes every day they will be hard pressed to recall or be impressed by any of the nameless faceless hunters.

People need to talk face to face and need to trust in their relationships. 

Networking is a term that usually invokes an image of a slick haired wheeler dealer holding a martini by the stem, pinky erect, and clicking teeth and winking like a dust rabbit has burrowed into their eyes.  Being slick is not the sign of a good networker. 

A good networker is someone who simply asks for assistance, puts their needs out there to their colleagues, confidants, instructors and former bosses and keeps the relationships alive with periodic updates, emails and face time.  It is not getting a hand out or begging for someone to “hook them up” but rather a hand up, an assisting angel.

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