Posted by: endithinks | February 5, 2009

On overthinking and short sightedness

These two behaviors are of course antonyms but usually people seem to suffer and choose one or the other when it comes to decision making whether the decision is large or small.

Firstly, the idea of life being a few marquee moments is ridiculous.  Life is minutia.  The little decisions set the shopping list and the big decisions are simply which brand of flour to buy.  I’m not saying that the brand doesn’t matter (there is a significant difference between Comp USA and Newegg for instance) but the setup to these choices are the underlying foundation.

Let’s look at a few examples of little choices that have major consequences.  If you skip classes, your grades drop.  Your grades drop, your choices of colleges and universities drop.  The different schools are filled with different flora and fauna and you meet an entire different set setting you up for the next stages.  If you get wasted and then plow your car into a barricade, your license is revoked, your insurance is tripled, your health care costs do a high jump and your record is no longer clean as a whistle blower.

Now when you apply for jobs you have to reveal that you have a DUI on your record and that will cut the available jobs open to you by a significant amount.  All of this of course results in financial and professional hardship that began with a few dodges of freshman english and a few Odyseus-light returns from passing times in high school.

Think about the small decisions that have affected your life.  Think about how a small change here or there would have changed where you are now.

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