Posted by: endithinks | January 30, 2009

On the Army finally getting a clue

Today in an article from CNN it was told that the Army is finally putting together a training program to fight against the large suicide rate found amongst veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Army Training

The United States Army had an extremely high rate of suicide amongst its soldiers in 2008.  The rate was its highest in 26 years.  Soldiers were not debriefed significantly as they were often turned right around and sent back to the front for another tour.

In war the soldiers are of course put under enormous pressure to kill their fellow human.  It is a psychological body blow to extinguish the life of another of the same species and the Army has the task of breaking that ingrained genetic restraint.  The Army is very good at this portion of training as we can see in Army body counts of combatants.  However, the Army is terrible at dealing with the damage of the soldiers mind and in fact has hardly even acknowledged the mental damage such as its refusal to fully recognize Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This training that the Army is beginning is a good first step, but it cannot be the last step or our soldiers will continue to harm themselves and find it difficult to fit back into the society in which they began.

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