Posted by: endithinks | January 28, 2009

On the first seven days of the Obama Administration

President Barack Obama has taken center stage. He has captivated a people and a nation and in the last week we have seen a flurry of activity some expected others questionable depending on what side of the aisle one resides.

The president has minds twirling and mouths wagging with his fast action on some of the campaign promises that drove his candidacy. He within his first week has signed an Executive Order to close Guantanamo Bay within a year. He has also been making major steps towards getting a stimulus package passed. He has also demonstrated the desire to have a more hands on approach to the problem in the Middle East.

Cabinet positions have been filled and confirmed and we have seen the idea of bi partisanship raise its head to the surface only to be dashed down again as party lines begin to recover from euphoria and stomp upon the spirit of cooperation.

On Tuesday President Obama met with Republican leadership for nearly three hours and was battered against an ideological wall when less than twenty four hours ago 70,000 Americans lost their jobs. The ideological posturing has pushed back the ease in which the stimulus plan will pass and it may be the defining call of the Republican party to be seen as not on the side of progress and securing our economic situation.

The Congress is still hashing out decisions, counter offers, compromises and such while many of us are cutting our costs and ordering water at restaurants with a twist of lemon and swiped packets of sugar. We see in the posturing the essence of the partisanship the refusal to bail water out of the sinking vessel because someone is using two hands instead of the traditional one scoop and pray method.

We need to contact our elected officials and explain to them that idealism has its place, just not when people are being tossed out of their homes and suffering from the indignity of not finding work while actively seeking it. The unemployment rate is hovering around seven and a half percent and we don’t have time to wait for exact ideals. We need the water out of the boat.

(This is a repost of an article written by me earlier)


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