Posted by: endithinks | January 19, 2009

On the weekend events

Talk about a busy weekend.  On Saturday as part of our service for MLK day we went and planted trees in a Portland Water Authority.  We planted about 15 trees, a variety of native species, in about three hours.  It was great to be part of a lively group of about 15 volunteers.

Israel is pulling out troops by Innaguration Day….this is a good sign.


I can’t wait for tomorrow.  I feel such a sense of Hope and fulfillment.  It is just amazing to have a sense that we can restart.  Now, I’m not a blind follower, but it is refreshing to have someone in the White House who has intelligence, integrity, and a calm, cool pragmatism.  I’m excited about Michelle Obama as well as I believe she will use the office of First Lady to really do something of importance.  She has said that her main focus is going to be on Women’s rights and working mothers.

Today President Obama is volunteering at the Sasha Bruce House

The Sasha Bruce House is the only teen shelter for homeless teens in Washington D.C.  It houses 15 teens in a city of 5.3 million.  Donate if you can!


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