Posted by: endithinks | January 14, 2009

On the falacy of “renewable” Nuclear energy

Everyone is clamoring for Nuclear energy like it will save the United States from the evil that is “foreign oil.”  Firstly, they always mean “Middle Eastern Oil” since we get the majority of our oil from Canada and Mexico.

After doing ten minutes of research I discovered something I didn’t know.  We import 85% of the Uranium used in our 104 nuclear reactors here in the states.  In fact we just signed a contract with Russia last February to import 20% of our Uranium from them.

So, how is this better than being addicted to “foreign oil?”  We are changing from crack to heroin.  Either way we are still gonna end up on the street.

U.S. Nuclear

I really don’t feel like going off about how Nuclear energy is not clean and renewable in the slightest.  The radioactive water that is super heated needs to be cleaned and cooled before they can dispose of it.  Of course back in the eighties many Nuclear plants simply dumped the boiling water into streams and rivers causing Thermal pollution and killing wildlife, but that is not happening anymore or so we can assume.  The waste itself has a half life in the thousands of years which means our little lead barrels that are corroding as we speak beneath the feet of Arizonans and New Mexicans are supposed to last that long keeping the materials from radiating and poisoning the environment and the water tables.

It is a ridiculous idea to simply bury things and hope the future comes up with a way to handle it.  Anyone who is a proponent of Nuclear Energy is short sided and irresponsible.


  1. Would you rather have hot water and (relatively small amounts of) solid waste; or sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and copious amounts of carbon dioxide being spewed into the atmosphere day and night? Thats the trade off here. Nuclear power plants supply 80% of Frances energy, and has functioned efficiently and without incident.
    I understand the issues with transporting and storing waste are severe, and there is currently no better solution than storing it in a salt mine in Nevada..
    But until we can develop fusion power plants, or make enormous strides in solar and wind power…fission is, unfortunately, the cleanest and most cost effective solution.

    • I would rather have us come up with a solution to not hamper and harm the future. I think that conservation, solar, wind, and sensible changes in our lifestyles can significantly reduce our energy needs. We have to make sacrifices and use the power of innovation to dig ourselves out of our over consumption and energy gluttony.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Also, Canada has enormous reserves of Uranium. And read my blog for a unique take on humans and nuclear power.

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