Posted by: endithinks | January 9, 2009

On the Unemployment rate and a new blog to recommend

The report on the state of the United States economy for December 2008 has just been released and the outlook is bleaker than many predicted.  The United states lost an additional 593,000 jobs in the month of Holidays and it has pushed up the national average of unemployment to 7.2% the highest rate since 1993.

This means a few important things: holding on to your job you have now, savings, increasing your security of funds and options, and cutting back on frivolous expenses.

Holding on to your job

The economy is bleeding and those of us fortunate enough to still be working need to hold on to what we have as we slowly recover.  It is time to give 100% at the workplace and here again are a few examples of protecting yourself from being layed off. 

Always be on time to work.  The number one reason in the states that people are fired is due to tardiness. 

Secondly, volunteer for additional duties and events in the workplace.  Now is not the time to skip out of company events, parties or get togethers.  Pay the extra money and go to these functions and have a good time there.  You should be the bell of the ball.

Stop taking long lunch breaks and limit the amount of time that you call in sick.  You want the supervisors to know they can depend on you no matter the economic situation.  They should think of you as their “go to” person. 

Never refuse any request from anyone at work.  If you have to spend less time at home so be it.  You want to be a team player that has a wide range of support in your company.  Don’t just rely on one supervisor or boss.  You have to have a wide appeal.  Anyone in management should be a target for you to enhance and solidify your relationship. 

Use work facilities for only work related events or activities.  It is not the time to check your personal email or write blogs (like I am now) when you are at work, unless those emails or blog topics are related to work.  (Since I teach Professionalism and job related tips to my students I feel justified writing this entry.)

I also wanted to recommend a new blog The Washington Note.  This is a blog written by the Undersecretary of State James Glassman.

Keep hope alive everyone.  We have recovered from recessions before and we will do so again as long as we remain calm, don’t do anything rashly, and trust in each other.



  1. Words of wisdom. Of course it is harder to stick to good advice when everything seems to be falling apart around you. While motivation may be hard to come by, an outward positive attitude should be within reach of all. Here’s hoping that things will begin to improve in the new year.

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