Posted by: endithinks | January 6, 2009

On Israel and Hamas

The conflict rages on and my only comment is that we need to be more vocal in our call for peace.  When Israel explodes a tank round into a school and kills 70 civilians we can no longer sit and look the other way.

Hamas needs to recognize Israel and stop their bombardments.  They need to understand that violence as a bargaining tool is blunted, twentieth century, unethical, unsustainable, inhumane, and in the end inefficient.  The times have changed.  Negotiations at the end of an assault rifle or the impact of a rocket are draconian and juvenile.

Israel needs to recognize that it cannot fight the world without end.  It needs to understand that targeting military retaliation from affair through air strikes and missile bombardment is the same failed atrocities that they blame Hamas for perpetrating.  They are doing the same evil to those they claim as evil.  Air power is inhumane, cold, and filled with excess spill over death and carnage.  It is the inhuman and sporadic killing that is causing these conflicts to keep repeating themselves.

War without human risk to soldiers is immoral.  War without a real chance of a soldier dying from another soldier is wrong, weak and evil.  If someone is not willing to die, they are not willing to fight.  Substituting missiles and air strikes for boots on the ground is cowardly and degrades the act of warfare itself.

All military strength that will not risk its own deserves no pity or accolades.  If they are not willing to risk themselves I dub them cowards and charlatans.

Israel targets school


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