Posted by: endithinks | December 28, 2008

On returning from Christmas amongst explosions

I returned to my home and turned on the interwebs and the first story I read was that of Israel and Hamas killing each other.  It was the day after the cease fire ran out and the two sides could not wait one second to start killing again.  Hamas launched rockets killing dozens and Israel responded with the hammer.  They have killed nearly hundreds now and the end is not in sight.  I hate war and violence.  I do think that the cease fire for the most part was effective.  Neither side breached the agreement and I think that is the reason why the violence is so intense right now.

I believe that both sides are trying to show that they still have teeth after letting the doves rule for a bit.

Israeli Attacks in Gaza

I do wander if perhaps the two sides don’t want to find peace.  I have a theory that Israel and the Arab world is engaged in a co dependant negative relationship.  There is evidence that they need each other in order to define themselves.  Israel needs an enemy to hold onto their defiant, independent, us against the world mentality that defines the Israeli nation.  They have to prove to themselves and the world that they will never be victims again.

The violent miniscule proportion of the Arab world that continues to attack Israel does so because they have nothing else to focus on.  They are simply distracting themselves from the ruin that is their civilization in regards to economic growth, jobs, educational opportunities, world respect, and political clout.  The very few who turn to violence are usually young men in the late teens or early twenties with no jobs, economic security or education.  The violent few have nothing to live for.  They have to have a boogie man in order not to look at their own heartbreak.


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