Posted by: endithinks | December 15, 2008

On Shoes, Selling Seats, and Bales of Hay

Okay a couple things today.  Firstly if you have not seen the Iraqi Journalist who threw a shoe at President Bush you must have been under a rock for the past few days.  Here is the story from the New York Times

Shoe Hurling

Of course if you are more of a visual person you can watch the incident.

Now first of all I have to condemn this act.  It is not okay to attack the President of the United States.  I will have to give due respect to President Bush as well for his comments after the incident.  He was professional and even polite.  He basically said that the incident happens in Free Societies and he didn’t feel threatened by it or insulted by it in the slightest.  I was actually quite surprised, pleasantly surprised by President Bush’s response.

The reporter in the incident also screamed insults as he tossed the sole grenades at the President.  The reporter called him a “dog” and of course he wasn’t being folksy; he was giving one of the most insulting nicknames to the President.  It would be the equivalent of someone in the states calling someone a “female dog.”

The second story I wanted to mention was of course the travesty happening in Illinois and how the Governor is being a complete idiot not to resign and regain some of his dignity.  The fact that we have what he said on tapes even if he is found not guilty of the crimes of Seeking Bribes and Corruption, the perception is too large to erode.  He will not be able to govern in the slightest.  He should step aside and do community work for the next few years and perhaps he can retire quietly to relative normalcy.

The last thing I wanted to scratch down was the Auto Bailout and how President Bush is actually doing the right thing.  So this is new to me to be happy with two things he has done in one week.  I feel…sick.


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