Posted by: endithinks | December 9, 2008

On Mumbai and Zardari

President of Pakistan Zardari wrote an Opinion piece for the New York Times that reminds people that the attacks on Mumbai, India were not isolated incidents.  He talks about how the terrorists have been attacking many areas in the region.

Terrorists want to destroy Pakistan

In the article he pledges to hunt down the attackers who carried out the attack on Mumbai.  Pakistan and India as you know have had three wars since Pakistan broke off from India in the fifties.  The countries are still armed in Kashmir with the safeties off. 

The scary thing of course is that both of these nations are Nuclear armed.  This of course means that any type of conflict has dire consequences and the international community needs to put a higher priority on easing the tensions between both of these allies of the West.

Pakistan has also seen a rise in the civilian deaths in this year as more attacks are targeting non military installations and targets.  We sometimes forget that we have had casualties, but some countries have had daily bombings, gunfire and death.  We cannot forget that we were hit once; Pakistan, India and other areas in the middle east and beyond are dealing with death on a daily basis.


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