Posted by: endithinks | December 6, 2008

On Blackwater

Blackwater the American Mercenary Company is finally on trial for its illegal and inhumane treatment of Iraqi civilians in its for profit war in Iraq.  The Blackwater Group is an organization that the Federal Government likes to call “contractors” but anyone with any sense knows that they mean “hired guns.”  Besides the sad and disturbing fact that the United States Government is so determined to have military forces in every corner of the world and engage stupidly in two wars at the same time, we have actually stooped to the despicable levels of hiring Ronin and Cut throats for our military forces.

The fact that nearly half of our ground forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are Army Reserves (something that we have not done since the days of Vietnam) is sorry enough.  We have lost our credibility and it is as if the Military has never like actually read any military history.  Machiavelli had a few choice words on the use of mercenaries that you can read about here, but the point is they are unreliable and risky.

Today the mercs of Blackwater are finally in trouble with the Iraqi civilians.

Blackwater Sued

Maybe we will see some justice from the Bush Administration at last.

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