Posted by: endithinks | December 5, 2008

On empathy and optimism

I am really worried about one of my students and it makes me upset to think about it too much.  This student has a strong desire to succeed and a supportive family, but unfortunately her intelligence makes me wander if she will be able to make it.

She is a sweet hearted person and her personality is very pleasant.  She struggled in this first class although she was able to wrangle out a good grade; I am concerned that the next class which gives less time for the academic side and that lesser time may hamper her chances for success.

I do think that the effort she puts forth is phenomenal considering her circumstances that is more than most students would even in their worst dreams have to experience. 

It helps me to remember to be optimistic and have a positive outlook.  Some people who are written off as lost or not worth the effort.  It recharges me and I thank her for the free lesson.


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