Posted by: endithinks | December 1, 2008

On Cabinet Positions again

So today it went official.  Senator Clinton will be the Secretary of State under President Elect Obama.  I’ve shared my feelings about this appointment, but I will elaborate a bit here.

I think that she will do a great job if and only if she can submit her will to the President’s.  She has proven over and over to be a ferocious and hard worker in her life and in the Senate in particular. I am only concerned with a bit of ego getting into the works and putting President Obama’s agenda on the “do it if you can get to it pile.”

I’m sure I am overreacting, but I can’t help it.  Foreign policy is the most important challenge we face regardless of the “it’s the economy stupid” people.  Our economy will recover and I do hope that the new administration takes not only emergency procedures, but also uses rudimentary prevention techniques as well.  Of course not only regulation, but also trying to put a stopper on the culture of greed that we have been growing in this country for quite some time now.

I think that the erosion of our relationships around the world have exacerbated our own economic problems.  We have been holding on to our relationships with our trade balance sheets only.  We have been competing unfairly by our own choosing because we know it is probably the one major step that is keeping us safe is the trade and economic ties we have maintained throughout this Bush administration.

I think that if we could repair our strained relationships and put restraints on our so called allies (here’s looking at you Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Israel) I think that we can start being a bit more equilateral in our trade agreements.  it is as if we have been waving a big steak in front of the bulldog while we let the dog “mark” all our yards and houses.

I think that Senator Clinton will be the bad cop to the President Elects good cop for sure, but I hope that the foreign policy is in line with his philosophy of connection and reconciliation.

Just a quick side note, watching the conservatives on the “news” channels these last few weeks has been quite alarming.  The main theme is mocking Obama and his theme of change, and waving warning signs of defeat and selling out Israel.  I’ve heard it over and over that they are all worried that Obama is going to undermine Israel.  It is classic whining.


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