Posted by: endithinks | November 27, 2008

On the cowardice of Terrorists

Terrorists have stricken again and this time they have shot and killed innocent people in Mumbai, India.  The terrorists believe by these cowardly acts that they will get into Heaven for doing god’s work.

Firstly, any god that wants you to kill his own creation is an idiot god who you should really question why you would want to serve such a moron.  The fact that these cowards strike at unsuspecting targets shows you their lack of courage, fortitude or even real belief in their cause.  They hide behind masks and veils because they are afraid.  They have no courage and they should be ashamed of themselves.  Their god is a coward.

Secondly, let’s get real on to why they are attacking and killing their fellow humans.  They are poor, uneducated, out of work, and scared.  They are living a life in which they see the “infidel” succeed and the devout suffer the ignobility of poverty, depression and a lack of hope.  They see their only option as one in which they murder to curry favor with a god who is disgusting.

Now, most 99% of Muslims do not believe in this murder as righteousness.  They know that the Koran preaches tolerance of “people of the book,” Christians and Jews.  The few who are cowards cling to their religion as a panacea of their sad, depressed, and unhopeful lives.  If we are going to see this epidemic of terrorism stopped  we cannot fight them to the death.  Every life we destroy emboldens four or five out of work young men and women to strap bombs and guns to themselves and strike for their fallen and despicable mutation of a god.

If we want to defeat terrorism we need to make killing others and themselves just silly.  We need to get jobs to the jobless and education to the brainwashed.  We cannot kill them all as we would be just as idiotic as the very few who are murdering.  We have to buy them off.  Fill their towns with opportunities and Ipods and milk and honey and the thought of killing themselves will seem so immature.  In the Arabic world right now one out of four are unemployed.  Nearly two thirds of the population in places like Saudi Arabia are under the age of 25.  We need to get them jobs and security, not bullets.  Break into those systems of ultra conservatism and open up the eyes of the people.  We should be investing in television stations and film companies not bombs.

Fundamentalists are immature cry babies who cannot understand the world is not black and white.  They cling and claw for the good ol days because they do not have the cutzpah to face a changing and growing world.  In a word they are babies wailing in the dark night missing their mothers and their chew toys.

I am disgusted at what is happening and I cannot even bring myself to smile or enjoy my Thanksgiving knowing these worms are crawling around shouting for death and only realizing that the enemy is the only one benefit ting.  Do they think that India is going to turn its back on the United States because of these wicked attacks against innocents?  India has always been a staunch ally and it will continue to be so.  These attacks have only made their resolved harden.

Write your congressmen and demand that we fix the underlying problems in the Middle East.  Peace is a better trap than war. We must show the common person that we are a nation that cares and wants to invest in their prosperity, not their defeat.  We need to be humble and grease some palms.  We should be opening trade and education and inviting more and more exchange students not sending brothers and sisters to their graves.


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