Posted by: endithinks | November 20, 2008

On Cabinets, wardrobes, and other knick knack holding vessels

President Elect Obama is moving with a rapidity that was unheard of in regards to his cabinet picks.  Yesterday it was reported that two more positions are in the vetting process.  The Secretary of Homeland Security shall be Governor Napolitano.  She has served as a US Attorney and as a successful by most standards as a governor of Arizona.

The other appointment was Pritzker, Obama’s finance czar during the campaign as Secretary of Commerce.  The buzz has been growing as some skeptics are starting to say that Obama is reaching back to the Clinton administration for his positions.  They say that his idea of change is hard to believe when he is reaching to people with established credentials.

Change means effectiveness.  Obama is a pragmatist who wants to get things done.  He wants qualified people in these positions that have a proven record of effectiveness.  If one cannot recall, the Clinton administration was a huge success.  The administration balanced the budget, left a budget surplus, was aggressively paying down the national debt, created millions of jobs and reigned over an 8 year peace (with an exception in Bosnia).

President Elect Obama will bring in new people as well.  He has already shown that in his appointments of Press Secretary and his White House advisers.  He also in Pritzker and Napolitano shows a willingness to think outside of Washington as well.

What is interesting is watching so many pundits starting to clamor an clang over any of the nominees.  Michelle Bachman the disgraced Representative from Minnesota was openly mocking President Elect Obama with his thoughts about Senator Clinton as Secretary of State.  Bachmann of course is the Representative who believes we should have a McCarthyistic expose of “Unamerican” thought in the House and Senate.


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