Posted by: endithinks | November 18, 2008

On the sorry state of Veterans

We are a nation that claims to care about our Veterans but then we turn around and let them wallow in homeless shelters, on the streets or in our jails.  The amount of care we give them once they have lost blood and mind for their country is atrocious and it fills me with righteous anger whenever I see a Veteran on the street or unable to work.

Veteran finds it hard to adjust

This article puts it quite clear.  We have a problem with how we treat those that we claim we love.  for example John McCain the war Veteran received a “D” from the council of Veteran Affairs.  He was a man who suffered and then forgot what had happened to him it seems.

When people walk past a Veteran on the street and refuse to even acknowledge them as a person it makes me want to scream.

Now I am against war in all of its horrible forms.  I think that it is despicable that our soldiers are fighting for ego’s sake.  I do “support our troops” as in “bring them home.”  I will never be for an offensive military action, but I do see that sacrifice that soldiers make and the sacrifices that their families make as well.  We need to honor that sacrifice and we need to make it a priority.

I am optimistic with President Elect Obama and his former chairmanship of the committee on Veteran Affairs.  He was a leading voice and the lead investigator into the travesty that was and in some cases is Walter Reed Hospital.  If we want our men and women to kill, bleed and die the least we can do is make sure they are taken care of when they get back from murder.



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