Posted by: endithinks | November 7, 2008

On the Obama Effect

President Elect Obama has already had an effect on our Foreign Relations.  This morning in an article in the New York Times it was reported that the Iraqi’s are more willing to agree to a timetable and may even make an agreement by as early as next week.  There were rumors that the talks were breaking down as the Iraqi government was waiting to see the results of the election since they viewed a McCain presidency as unreliable in regards to timetables.

The Iraqi government has shown and stated that they would be more trusting of an Obama administration sticking to the agreements because Obama made leaving Iraq a centerpiece of his campaign. 

Also today in the New York Times President Ahmadinajad, who is facing severe challenges to his presidency, also congratulated President Elect Obama and said that he hopes “real change” comes to the Foreign Policy of the United States. 

Obama has already spoken to over nine heads of states including a 30 minute conversation with President Sarkozy who called the Senator’s victory “an impressive win.”


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