Posted by: endithinks | October 25, 2008

On the Cowardice of Fundamentalists

Fundamentalists are cowards.  They have their eyes set on Heaven and they do not care who gets left behind in their quest to save their own immortal souls.  They are the most selfish creatures and arrogant to boot.  They cannot fathom that their own beliefs are incorrect or that someone who was raised in a different culture could possibly believe a different set of beliefs.  They are in effect ethnocentric, small minded, sociopaths.

I was raised in a household with Fundamentalist leanings.  I was raised Christian of the evangelical persuasion and I was taught to believe the end times doctrine.  I was taught that we are all just passengers on a short layover before we arrive at our final destination: heaven.

As a kid I often asked myself in my heart of hearts why would a God as powerful as he is "need" the love and obediance of the "only" other sentient creature in existence?  I would never ask this outloud or I may have been tossed out the house.  It was a literal reading of the bible that I received.  Literal, talking donkeys, man surviving in a fish, flood that wipes out all creatures, people burned alive yet not burning, sun staying in the air for 3 days straight, type of fundamentalist religious upbringing.

I was taught that we are all living in the end times and we should not be fearful of those times, but rather almost gleefully welcome them.  The end times doctrine found in Revelations, the last book of the Christian Bible was written by a man named John on an island in exile.  He was alone for years and in his wanderings in the wilds he had a vision of the end of days.  He wrote all his delusions down and it became part of the canonized Christian Bible.  (If you want to see an example of how random the decisions of what is "right" and "wrong" from the bible check out the Council of Nicaea.)

In Revelations it is told that the end of the world will happen based on signs that men and women can decipher.  It tells of a time when "wickedness" runs rampant and God sends the angels to destroy the world and catch up his believers leaving the rest behind to burn and writhe in agony for all eternity.  The Rapture is the event in which Christians (only the true believers not neccesarily Mormons, Catholics, Agnostics, ect) will be saved from the doomed earth and taken away.

When I was a kid I heard numerous times from relatives that they hoped the Rapture would happen soon.  I heard preachers telling their constituents to pray for the end of days so that God could bring his justice to the world.  These people were cowards.  They cared more about their own skin then the approxiametly 75% of humanity that would be damned.

It made me sick then and it makes me sick now.  So many Fundamentalists are scrambling to bend the "prophecies" to meet whatever is happening in the world.  So many people have claimed that Obama for instance is the anti christ and have doctored the Bible so that the anti christ all the sudden is of Muslim descent.  Just read these ravings of people trying to match the words of a book 2000 years in the past to the times of today.  Check out this definition of Anti Christ.

I remember reading in history how people proclaimed Hitler as the antichrist.  He certainly did seem as if he was taking over the world, but the problem was he wasn’t.  The world is still here to the chagrin of the coward fundamentalists and evangelicals.  They still have to suffer this "damned" world of sin and evil.

The evangelicals hide in their churches and neighborhoods casting judgements on the rest of the world not understanding for one moment that they would not believe what they believe if they wore born in a different part of the world.  The fact that they are so arrogant to believe they have found the truth and thath they alone are going to be saved is disgusting and not in the spirit of Christ.  He did not sit around gathering like minded believers and chill out once a week talking about how gifted they are.  He was out amongst the people talking and walking around and bringing comfort to people.  He did not offer food and then say now belive in me or you get no more fish and buns.

The fundamentalists in this country of America are taking over the Republican party and no one is doing a thing about it.  How can you have a person in charge of this land who does not care about this world in which we live?  They are looking ot the sky for their inspiration.  They are looking forward to death, but they ar too cowardly to do themselves in.  They look to a book that was written 60 years after the fact of Christ (some people do not even think he existed) and they are looking for it to tell them how to deal with war (which they do not follow curiously "if an enemy strikes you turn the other cheek") how to deal with strife and conflict.  They turn to it to tell them how to live in a manner that keeps them safe from damnation.  That is it.  They don’t really care about their fellow man and woman unless that fellow man or woman happens to go to thier church or is willing to "give themselves" to God.

I’ve known many good people growing up who said repeatedly "if it wasn’t for God I would be lost."  They cannot fathom that morality can come from a different source than religion.  It is part of human nature to make sure our species survives.  It is in our best interest to not cause harm to eachother.  That is why it takes a force stronger than nature to cause us to kill others, cause us to demonize our fellow humans.  We have to appeal to some higher power to make it okay to kill.

The fundamentalists are destroying this country.  They are forgetting where we come from.  We came from the idea that Reason and Logic and deep thinking is the best route for this fragile Democracy to survive.  People have forgotten this.  They are saying that God can cure all their ills.  They are praying to God to elect McCain and they are giving warnings to God that his name will diminish if Obama wins.  It is disgusting.

This drives me nuts.  These people that are so cowardly to run away when the world would need them most (the rapture) cannot see their own hypocrisy.  This is not what Christ intended.

The other thing that makes me angry is the grandiosity of some of these churches.  They are spending millions of dollars on buildings when that money could solve the poverty and hunger in countries where the dollar is worth ten times the local currency.  Churches like Warren’s Saddleback church and such.  This church is in Nigeria.



  1. Greetings! Hope this message finds you well. While we are on utterly different sides of this debate, after coming across your post, I wanted to leave a quick comment. I encourage you in your active engagement of our culture and hope you find truth. In doing so, please don’t settle for the cursory understanding of Christianity that you appear to have. While I doubt it would be any less offensive to you, there are a number of assertions in this post that are false as they relate to true Christianity, as well as the end times.

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