Posted by: endithinks | October 21, 2008

On a letter to Palin

The following is another letter to Governor Palin that I thought was thoughtful, yet a bit too aggressive for my tastes(although not too too aggressive for me to not repost it hehe).  It is focused on the environmental side of Governor Palin’s administration.

Governor Palin,

After having sent an official protestation to your
predicessor more  than  two years ago regarding the
deplorable crualty of aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska, I
am shocked to learn that you support financially and firmly
condone this deplorable and cowardly practice.

Your position on the non-protection  of the Polar Bear,
which is threatened  by the effects produced during this
time of Global warming is a witnessing of your total
irresponsibility and incapacity to respect and protect the
lives of our animals, but then again, I realize that for you
a good animal is a dead animal.

While encouraging oil drilling in an area that is a
national refuge for wildlilfe, you   threaten a fragile
wildlife habitat already put in danger by the biodiversity
of a sensitive environment which must be above all,
preserved and protected from extinction.

Madame, in denying the responsibilty of mankind towards
the fight again global warming, in supporting the
proliferation of weapons and in killing indescriminately, in uttering multiple declarations of a astonishing stupidity, you shame the very women that you claim to represent and you
alone are a terrible threat and a menace to ecology.

The defense of life is to first prove that one is
compassionate towards humanity and considerate of the earth,
this world that is sickened by the errors of mankind.

Since we are only pasing through this life, think of the
good inheritance one can leave to future generations .
Finally, in closing, I beg of you to not longer compare
yourself to a ‘pitbull with lipstick’, as in
knowing them well, I can assure you that no pitbull or any
other animal  is as dangerous as you are.

>> Brigitte Bardot

By the way Brigitte Bardot is not a very nice person.  She has been fined numerous times for race baiting.  Hmm, apparently she believes that muslims are taking over France.


See here on Endithinks I take opinions from all over the map.  I never edit comments or opinions here.  Ugh.  It just goes to show you that good things can come from not so good people sometimes.

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